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Strategic Income Planning

You’ve done all the heavy lifting, planned, saved, invested, maybe skipped a vacation or two and now it’s time. Time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and retire. Everyone’s retirement has differences like how much you’ve saved, how much you need and so on.

Now it’s time to figure out answers to questions like, “How much can I safely take”, “How do I create a stable, lasting income” and “How do I plan for things like taxes, inflation & market corrections that could erode my assets”.

This is where strategic income planning comes in and is simple in that it is designed to answer those questions. It helps you duplicate the reliable and predictable paycheck you received while working, helps design plans that provide income that you cannot outlive and helps us prioritize which source of funds to use and when to use them.

Doesn’t it make sense to evaluate your unique circumstances and then design and build a plan to maximize your income and make sure it’s there as long as you are?

That’s what strategic income planning does.