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Our Services

As your advocate, we are committed to working for you, your family, and for your financial freedom. Through understanding your current situation and identifying your most cherished goals, we endeavor to grow and protect your wealth through all stages of life.

Our carefully crafted financial plans are designed to help you get your financial house in order, retire comfortably, and give you confidence that your money will last. We understand that personal situations and goals can change overnight, and we strive to provide the assurance that we’ll be here whenever you need us.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning provides the means to unify all aspects of your financial life. While providing an overview of the big picture, our advisors develop strategies for clients that allow them to make better financial decisions.

While using one-size fits all strategies may be the common approach, we specialize in tailoring plans to fit your current situation while laying a foundation for future growth. From providing income strategies and estate plans, to building an investment program to carry you through an independent and rewarding retirement, our advisors strive to help promote your total financial independence.

Wealth Management

For individuals or families seeking financial advice beyond the world of investments, we offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Too often, people are advised to “buy and hold” for seemingly infinite periods of time as their confidence and wealth erode.

Our goal is to provide our clients with flexibility based on their best interests through all market conditions. We strive to develop strategies that guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of your financial life. By centering your goals and dreams at the heart of our process, our advisors can enhance your understanding of how financial planning, investment strategies, retirement income planning and estate planning align with those goals and dreams.

At Zickau & McCormick, our professionals deliver solutions that empower you to live fully and retire with confidence. We believe planning should encourage clarity, and we work closely with you to understand your unique goals and provide answers to your most significant questions:

                                             Do I have enough to retire? What is enough?
                              Should I do more with my investments? Will my family be okay?

Whether you’re in the prime of your career, are approaching retirement or are already retired, we can strengthen your financial life so you can live life to the fullest. We consistently leverage new technologies and leading investments to provide you with the most effective solutions, and we remain dedicated to delivering with the highest level of service. Prioritizing personal attention allows us to truly understand your unique objectives and craft tailored solutions to achieve them.

As part of our founding philosophy, we help you in three key areas: creating comprehensive strategies that strengthen all areas of your financial world, growing and protecting your wealth through all market conditions, and vigilantly monitoring and adjusting your plans as your personal needs evolve.