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On Demand Webinars 

Taxes in Retirement – The New Tax and Financial Rules have changed … are you prepared?

Our webinar will help you better understand the potential impact taxes have on your retirement income and:

  • The SECURE Act and the impact that its passing could have on your retirement savings
  • Understand the official new tax reform rules and their impact on your retirement
  • Ways to potentially protect yourself against volatile market conditions
  • The changing rules for a retiring generation of baby boomers
  • How lost deductions may affect your taxes in retirement
  • Common misconceptions about taxes in retirement
  • Possible tools and strategies available to retirees to help develop a retirement tax strategy
  • A basic overview of the tax rules as they apply today
  • Strategies to help protect yourself against the taxation of your Social Security income
  • How rising taxes affects your retirement cash flow

Financial Self-Defense -- 7 Things you can control...when COVID-19 continues to stop us in our tracks! (13:23)

This short, 13-minute video will tell you why you need 7 essential financial documents done… right now… to protect you and your family from both financial and health hardships.

These documents, which are free to you, can be the difference of…

  • Spending thousands unnecessarily…
  • Getting bogged down in both medical and financial red tape…
  • Create an unending burden of stress…
  • Instead, by having these 7 things done properly…you can make sure any unforeseen problems in the future will be handled much more easily and efficiently.

You've done a Great Job...BUT do you still wonder if you missed something? (6:09)

The Full Checklist can uncover up to 21 potential "leaks" that can cause issues during your retirement. Critical things like: 

  • Healthcare costs
  • Outliving your savings
  • How do you get a safe return on your portfolio? 
  • Your spouse and family...are they protected in case something happens to you? 
  • Are you aware that you may qualify for over one-years’ worth of in-home or long-term care without spending a dime on expensive annual premiums—that could be over $80,000 in benefits to you… the catch is you must act now, while you are still healthy.

Are you ready for a happy, Secure and Confident retirement?