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Investment Philosophy

Investment management. That’s our business.

At Zickau & McCormick, we manage assets across fixed income, equities, mutual funds, annuities, managed accounts, and more to deliver the customized solutions you deserve. While asset management represents just one area of our focus, we are confident that a sound investment strategy lays the foundation for success in all areas of your financial life.

We believe successful investing is predicated not on timing markets, but on quality time in the markets. That’s where our investment and retirement strategies come into play. As your strategic partner, we’ll integrate your financial life so you can continue excelling in your career, enjoying the fruits of retirement, and focusing on the things that matter most.

We apply our process to building carefully diversified portfolios that take the appropriate amount of risk for each individual client. Our cutting-edge approach allows us to defend our clients’ wealth by being simultaneously strategic and cautious during uncertain times. Above all, we strive to craft lasting strategies that guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of your financial life.