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Zickau & McCormick, LLC

Zickau & McCormick, LLC

Managing Partner


Honor. Integrity. Loyalty. That’s what Zickau & McCormick is all about.

As an independent, full-service financial planning firm, we take a holistic approach to your retirement, investment and strategic income planning needs.

We use our 20 plus years of experience to help you achieve the lifestyle you want and to help you wake up everyday worry-free and have the peace of mind you deserve in this ever-changing financial world.

While planning is powerful, partnerships are paramount. Rather than following the sales-driven demands of a corporate office, we report to one person alone: to you. As your fiduciary advocate, we remain transparent and objective in every way - from fees and costs to investment selections, financial strategies and more.

Since 2001, Zickau & McCormick has been a fixture in Dublin, Ohio and serving clients all over Franklin county and beyond. We also partner with investors from a dozen other states including Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, and California. We are a local firm with a national reach. 

Our Principle 

Life happens fast. Personal situations, family needs, and financial goals can change overnight, and we strive to provide the assurance that our team will be here whenever you need us. By taking a proactive approach to communication, we make ourselves available to you, your family, and your business at your convenience. As your advocate, we will walk beside you every step of your journey.